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Jxtpcb has Advanced Printed Circuit Board Production equipment, but also continuously updated every year. We have some Advanced Circuit equipment, many other PCB Manufacturer do not.
We continue to invest heavily to keep the advanced Production Process and rising productivity, in order to be able to meet customer demand for a large number of advanced circuit boards



To satisfy our customers we focus on producing PCB with top quality. The perfect quality assurance system and various inspection equipments help us to monitor the whole production process, assure stability of this process and high product quality, meanwhile, advanced instruments and technology methods have been introduced to attain sustained improvement. There's many advanced inspection and test instruments in Jxtpcb, which assures products reliability of finished products.


Our PCB board assembly equipment is handled and maintained by qualified staff that is backed by several years of experience in the PCB assembly industry. With their technical acumen as a backdrop we are able to provide outstanding service using our world-class PCB assembly equipment.

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