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Jxtpcb Commitment to our customer is to provide Quality Printed Circuit Boards that are delivered on time & outstanding customer service. we will devote to provide professional customized service to satisfy customers' various requirements, customer will be assured of the exceptional product integration, aswell as time efficient & cost effective results. Through the years, we have provided innovative design & practical PCB solutions to company in all diversified fields that covers USA, Europe, Africa, Australia & South East Asia etc. We are always ready to provide technical support, after sales service, on time quality products which we strongly believes & will continue to maintain this “MOTTO”

Pcb Design and layoutpcb layout,pcb software,pcb design,circuit boards,Pcb设计,jxtpcb,杰迅特pcb

  1. IPC CID Certified printed circuit board design services 
  2. Design capabilities range from single layer to multi-layer 
  3. Flex and Rigid Flex Circuit Design
  4. Expertise in analog, digital, and mixed technology designs. 
  5. Total net verification between schematic design and the completed PCB design
  6. Redesign and Create CAD Data  

 Pcb Assembly

pcb assembly,pcba,smt,smd,Dip,pcb test,pcb组装,pcb焊接,pcb调试,pcb,pcb插件,pcb维修,BGA返修,BGA焊接

  1. Quick-Turn Prototype to Small Volume to achieves JIT delivery
  2. Thru-Holes and SMT Technology
  3. cable wiring, and mechanical assembly services
  4. Rework or Engineering Change Notice



SMT StencilSMT Stencil,jxtpcb,pcb板,pcbs,circuit board,electronic board,pcb board,SMT钢网

  1. GBA Stencil
  2. SMT Stencil



China sourcing servicesourcing,electronic components,代购服务,元件代购,components,代购电子元器件,Semiconductors,电子元件,元器件

  1. Electronic components
  2. Mechanical hardware parts
  3. Custom Sheet metal fabrication

Online Service 
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