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Product Description

Jxtpcb progressive team of engineers, designers & support professionals have over 15 to 20 years of combined experience & are capable of handling the toughest design challenges in the industry. 



  1. Digital & Analog, Mixed Signal
  2. Power Supply, Backplanes
  3. S/S, D/S & Multi-layers Rigid PCB
  4. Thru-Holes, SMT/BGA HIGH Density (Double Side Placement)
  5. Controlled Impedance
  6. Blind/Buried Vias
  7. High Speed Audio & Video
  8. Flex & Rigid Flex PCB 



  1. Schematic Capture & Modifications or Convert hand drawn
  2. Net-list Translation / Output
  3. PCB Layout – Rigid, Flex & Rigid Flex
  4. Interactive / Auto Routing as per customer request
  5. Plotting Services
  6. CAD Files Translation / CAD software Training & Support available
  7. Gerber Files Panel optimize for cost effectiveness

Deliverables offered
  1. Output from Electronic Schematic capture in OrCAD V10-V16.2
  2. Bill of materials
  3. Circuit board foil layers, solder mask layers, overlay screening layers
  4. Fabrication drawing, assembly drawings, fabrication panel drawings
  5. SMT stencil artwork, CAM X-Y data file from FAB Master
  6. PDF file with all drawings for electronic documentation
  7. Gerber files, text & Excel files where applicable
  8. Native Board files from the latest versions of Mentor's PAD's, Cadence's OrCAD Layout and Allegro PCB software.

 信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真 信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真
 信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真  信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真
 信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真  信号仿真,时序仿真,Hspice/AMI模型,有源仿真,电源完整性(PI)仿真,IR-drop仿真,PDN阻抗分析,平面谐振分析,电热混合仿真,SI/PI协同仿真,Batch仿真
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